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Splattered Ink, the murky world of journalism

Book Review
They say that journalism is a literature in making but when a senior journalist creates literature out of day to day journalism it sounds interesting, isn’t it? Senior journalist Vijay Shekhar has come up with his crime fiction “Splattered Ink, the murky world of journalism” Though it is his first fiction endeavor, he has created ripples in fiction writers’ pond.
             The book opens the Pandora’s box of journalism field especially of Mumbai, the business capital of India. It has all of masalas of violence and corruption. It also deals with moral dilemma of a journalist who faces it on a daily basis while doing his job. It’s a sort of roller costar ride through murky underworld, corrupt politics and politicians, fake encounters and brutality of Dons.
It is a story Raj Nair, an Ordinary Person with extra ordinary dreams. He tries to remain honest to his profession exposing the dark underbelly of Underworld with his Pen and with that he invites his Death Warrant.
      Though the story is a fictional tale of the trials and tribulations of a journalist in today’s world, it is inspired by many real-life events. Have a look at following excerpts taken from the book and you will get the Idea:
            ‘How about the Biggest Batting Sensation Prahlad Patil’
No one would have blamed Raj if he jumped up on the table at that point. Prahlad was the biggest thing to happen to Indian Cricket. He was God’s gift to Cricket…… he had a Squeaky-clean Image. He was not like the other Player in Team. He didn’t Drink, didn’t Smoke, attended no late-night Parties, did no Womanizing. Though this whole thing was hard to believe, the man in front of him seemed dead serious about his Claim……. (A fallen Icon, pg. 95)
The author Vijay Shekhar is a Mumbai based journalist with more than two decades of experience. He started his career as a Journalist at a leading film magazine Cine Blitz and later on became head of Mumbai Bureau of zee news and zee business. He then moved on to become the editor-in-chief of leading national news channel Live India. In his remarkable career, he has covered Crime Politics and Films extensively. He hit headlines internationally with his story “Warrant for sale” where he procured arrest warrant against the then President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to prove corruptions in Judiciary.
The Book is written by a field journo who has spent years of his life after news gathering from people in flesh and blood. He has seen Greedy Politicians, Simpleton Mumbaikars., Pakka Policewalas and Rival Journos. He has inked everything skillfully and successfully in this fast paced crime fiction. A must read Book for crime fiction lovers and aspiring journo, all the best Vijay Shekhar…
Publisher: – Partridge
Language: – English  
Price: – 399              

Monday, 18 March 2019

                           ‘ Murder ‘ In The Mandi House

                                                Narendra Modi Censored ( Book Review )

                                                                                                            -Dr. Shirish kashikar

In today’s era where digital media is all set to overtake the powers of traditional media, a lot of
questions are hounding mainstream journalism. Is it “cruel” Phase for Indian journos who are doing their job at best or is it high time for journos to understand their “limitations”? When the entire journalism field is passing through a difficult period, is it just a one person’s ( or a party) folly? Or it’s an overhyped phenomena created by some journos who have lost the favors (or junkets in popular lingo)? If you are really interested to know the answers of all these questions (and some shocking but ‘bonus’ information) then this is the book for you.

Shri Ashok Shrivastav, author of the book is a renowned news anchor, writer & a seasoned
journalist. He has been associated with DD news for last 17 years. In his three decades journey in Journalism he has worked with Navbharat Times, Jansatta, Panchjanya, Vaama & Sunday Mail. He has been awarded as the best reporter by DD news in 2005 &he was selected for best anchor’s award again by DD News.

In his illustrious & topsy-turvy career as journo Ashok shrivastav has seen many shades of
journalism. In this book he reveals how Delhi centric Indian journalism in general & Doordarshan style journalism in particular created a deceptive narrative for people at large. He openly writes ‘’ It’s a fake narrative that after 2014, journalism is a risky job in India. Journos & their voices are suppressed because of undeclared emergencies. The nation must know that those who are creating this fake narrative are not doing journalism but playing politics, some of these political strategies has reached to the heights of hatred for Narendra Modi .’’ (Pg.25)

The book is spread over in 22 chapters. It begins from “Why this Book?” where the author
mentions the real picture of Indian journalism. He questions the policies of media houses & media bosses. Interestingly this book is centered on “controversial” interview of the than chief minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi taken by the author. The interview unknowingly opened Pandora’s box & the interviewer invited wrath of powerful people around him.

To clear his point of view, the author has given manuscript of entire interview in the book. The
author has successfully done the post mortem of entire scenario; How Doordarshan D.G. Mr. Khan & his coterie tried to “kill” the interview, the interview was curtailed to almost half of it’s actual time & how social media played a powerful role. If you want to understand how internal policies of a system (read Doordarshan), bureaucratic hurdles & inflated egos of bosses can almost kill a historic interview, this is the best (or worst) example. A must read book for all journos & aspiring journos.


Book Title : Narendra Modi Censored

Author : Ashok Shrivastav (

Language : Hindi

Publisher : Anil Prakashan, New Delhi

Price : 300rs.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Take Him Seriously Guys...

No , I am not threatening anybody on behalf of Shrimaan Modi's party, it's a hard fact that everybody has to accept this asap .Look at those who didn't bother to take him seriously they are cursing him now like anything.I know public at large (that includes "humbly yours" too) facing many troubles  due to demonetization decision a big cash crunch for day to day expenditures & business transactions, But in general a common man is happy from inside as he has become a part of a historical life time event & here lies the success of Shrimaan Modi.

Lets take a  stock of political outcome of this bold step by our prime minister.Though he knew that his step will create a big ruckus from within & outside he played this gamble & as of now it's bearing sweet fruits to his party.Though his ardent opponents are trying to push hard on this issue they are unable to divert public opinion,actually that's  the success of his political strategy. The more you oppose this move the more you will go irrelevant in political scene.For example our Mukhyamantri of Delhi has captured the power on the name of crusade against corruption & now he is trying to attack Narendrabhai on some filmsy corruption grounds, such childish strategies are creating boomerang effects for his opponents.

As far as upcoming state elections are concerned his bold step has given a new lease of life to BJP in Punjab & Utterpradesh. All other local issues are conveniently sidelined to pave the way for BJP's election strategy  in respective states. Actually that is the major trouble for shrimaan kejriwal as he is loosing the much hyped Punjab election strategy. Even in Uttapradesh BJP will once again go in election with Loksabha election strategy.They will project him as a decisive leader who delivers what he promises etc. Actually this move has provided an oxygen for UP BJP because the way BSP & SP were trying to cash on Dalit, Muslim cards it was really a big challenge for BJP to retain its third position in the state.But now positions have changed significantly, what BJP needs in UP is just a credible face for "Mukhyamantri" post. A credible young face & NAMo's charisma would be the best winning  combination for BJP in UP, provided they successfully retain the temperament prevailing in aam aadmi right now.

As far as black money holders & corrupt businessmen/bureaucrats/politicos are concerned it's really a nightmare but a right time to understand public sentiments. As Narendrabhai is enjoying tremendous popularity after this bold decision it's time for these people to rethink about their corrupt practices else the day will come when they will be in big trouble. Let's wait for some more "shuddhikaran" steps from Delhi & gyus take him seriously else ....


Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Thank god, at last, one state government (though late) has accepted that non reserved category ordinary citizens are not just "Political Hindus".They too have their woes,pains & immensely deep problems.They too need solace from various woes.yes, I am talking about Gujarat Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben patel's latest youth welfare scheme 'Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojna".If this on paper glossy looking scheme is implemented properly,will be fruitful for both the "parties" i.e. it's actual stakeholders & BJP.

"MYSY" may have its flaws in financial terms but it has tremendous inner social & political currents.let's take a small example.The highest limit of Rs. 4.50 lac is given to take benefits of various student oriented schemes.Now in modern urban Gujarat where generally a single bread winner earns around 32 to 35 thousand per month,especially in nucleus family of "hum do hamarey do" will get monthly relief of around 2500 to 3000 Rs. in his kids education expenditure .That makes a big difference to any middle/upper middle class family.Well, this is just one part of the scheme.There are various benefits for youth as far as their higher education & employment is concerned.

Basically I want to analyse the scheme from it's socio political i said early if this scheme is implemented seriously & without much bureaucratic tantrums it may become a flagship program for Gujarat BJP and who knows it may take a form of law someday in future,but for that government ,BJP office bearers & beneficiaries must take pains.

Interestingly this scheme has more chances of success not just because it is declared on "right time" but probably it is the only governmental welfare scheme which has been designed by its all stakeholders. Sarkaar maibaap, bureaucrats & representatives of various general category communities.It has less chances of failure from this angle because in other schemes generally governments depend on bureaucrats & "invited representations" through various mediums for which no one cares.

Most important aspect of this scheme is that OBC/SC/ST communities have accepted it wholeheartedly .Entire scheme is based on various inputs of welfare schemes made for OBC/SC/ST communities because there were no model schemes available for general categories before this one,so government automatically made this scheme "Samras" by using already implemented welfare schemes for OBC/SC/ST communities.

Well, its a fact that this scheme can not be an alternate for "reservation" demanded by Patidar youth."Reservation" has it's own merits & demerits,only beneficiaries of it know the truth(apart from politicians).As one faction of Patidars (PAAS to be specific) is against this "Lolipop" but probably majority Patidars & other general category communities have started thinking seriously about this alternate as political confrontation can not give them much benefits. May be in future Patidar youth may start it taking seriously when they will see its real benefits.

Even today this scheme is seen only from "Patidar" angle & it's other beneficiary communities are not responding openly.Even a certain part of media is also highlighting "Patidar Angle" of this scheme.Other stakeholder communities need to clear the air asap to avail the benefits of "MYSY"

In fact the scheme has various benefits for youth as Patidar youth is fighting for education & employment opportunities.Though it has strong political roots,it could be beneficial for them. As usual congress just did lip service to condemn the scheme & again reduced it's political stature.Congress need serious "Atmamanthan" on it's own political policies else it will get wiped out of it's "KLBP"(Kshatriya,Lohana,Brahmin,Patidar, to name a few) voting communities.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Who Is Afraid Of New Political Patels…..?

Image Courtesy :- Google Images

…..None ,is the answer, it seems so. Though Hardik + laljibhai & company are pushing their "Anamat"(reservation)activities across Gujarat nothing significant is happening amongst Patidars. The “Anamat” stir loosing sheen as it’s outspoken, childish leaders have made tremendous blunders & lost control over the Patidar mass. Majority Patidars must be feeling cheated after 25th August & now they may remain aloof from this political drama.

In fact Patidars being highly influential citizens of Gujarat, have been enjoying political, economical & social advantage since long. They got political patronage especially after departure of two congress chief ministers, Madhavsinh Solanki & Amarsinh Chaudhari. In Gujarat Patidar’s political fortunes took big turn when BJP started  wooing them rigorously. In last twenty years Patidars have seen astounding growth in almost all walks of public life. Initially they entered in various markets as novice & slowly they controlled & ultimately dominated it. Undoubtedly they have worked hard to achieve this status. Take examples of four  important industries of Gujarat. Diamond, Pharmaceuticals ,Engineering & construction, these all are  dominated by Patidars.

“Unity For The Community” is the motto of Patidars. Whenever there is a call of community, all Patidars get together in no time, whether it is a social work or a religious gathering. But unfortunately this show of Patidar’s strength has become a “political weakness” for them. Recent reservation stir was the best example. The way Hardik Patel stole the show from Sardar Patel Group, it clearly indicated rift amongst Patidars on this issue.

Interestingly being influential community Patidars strength has been used by all political & social institutes. There is no doubt about Patidar’s immense contribution in Gujarat’s growth story. It’s apparent that former Chief Minister Narendrabhai  Modi  successfully used this community’s  political strength to oil the growth engine of Gujarat.

It seems on political front that same Patidar community is losing the game, after 25th August mega show of might it has created a buzz & sense of fear not only amongst OBC’s(including SC/ST) but other “general category” communities. Things are  heading towards class conflict in near future as OBC’s & SC/ST communities are also getting ready with sleeves up & there lies subtle political message for Patidars.

From political point of view Patidars are always over estimated in Gujarat. This may sound rude but it’s a “political fact”. Though Patidars are mighty ones but they are not the only one. Other communities like Jains(Baniya), Rajputs, Lohanas, Brahmins & many more too have their share in the “political pie’ & these communities  enjoy it smartly, silently. They also outcast Patidars when they get aggressive, especially in local elections.

An interesting example in support of my above analysis. In 2012  assembly elections Gujarat has seen this miraculous scenario. Gujarat’s most Patidar dominated area Saurashtra became laboratory for this experiment. During Saurashtra’s voting phase BJP’s ousted Netas & some congress leaders successfully mobilized Patidars in first two hours of voting in rural areas, the way Patidars  voted, before afternoon BJP got alarming signal & they too mobilized their committed non Patidar+ Patidar voters to polling booths. Saurashtra phase was the highest voting turnout in 2012  &  extremely  fruitful for BJP.

There are four main reasons in present scenario which could go against Patidars in future elections in Gujarat. First, unrest created by Patidar’s  mega show has given a golden chance to other communities to fulfill their political dreams & it may help political parties(read BJP) to regain it’s strength. Second, Anandiben’s Sarkaar will definitely take political advantage of rift amongst Patidars on this issue & in “Non Patel” or less Patel dominated constituency it may strengthen its base.

Third, as we all know congress is almost dead in Gujarat & ghosts of its political follies are hounding it’s Netas. Even it’s Patidar leaders have lost relevance in present context, so they are unable to take electoral advantage in next few elections. Fourth, some timely measures(or say damage control) by Anandiben’s Sarkaar may change the scenario. Full fledge scholarship for students, economical support for youth, job opportunities in various government sectors or all inclusive full fledge package for all “general category” communities can turn the table. Even some pro congress Patidars may also accept this solution whole heartedly & avoid confrontation with popular government. It would be an easier task for government as it has no other political threats as of now, but it will solely depend on government’s political will to execute it. If Anandiben uses it cleverly she would be able to silence her enemies (within) & outside her party, winning elections will be the cherry on ice cream for her.


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why Amit Shah Should Sing “ Mehbooba …Mehbooba..”!?

So, the political dust is settling down in Jammu & Kashmir but this political thriller has  not ended yet.Though Jharkhand drama ended predictably , J & k remained full of suspense through out the counting day.Now it’s time to analyse the ground reality.Political situation in J & K post counting seems a political deadlock or ‘hung” assembly but political parties are ready to unfold their cards,relatively  slowly.

The game already started on the final  voting phase day when Mufti family praised Atalbihari Vajpayee’s regime & showered flowers on present government.As the results started pouring, mood in PDP camp was cheerful but cautious too as they focused on BJP’s gain in jammu region.Before the end of the day PDP gave clear signals to nationalists that they are ready to share power with them.Though this proposed coalition may sound’s the need of hour.Why & how?

First thing first.Times have changed .The entire nation is heading towords much awaited political stability,which will obviously bring peace & prosperity in years to come,politically, Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi has established himself as “golden crowned king” of Indian politics &  Muftis know old & time tested formulae very well that  more you are near to power more you are safer.

Interestingly  with 28 seats in entire J & K assembly Mehbooba claimed for the power & BJP with 25 seats & atleast 5 sympathiser MLAs (i.e. 30 MLAs, more than single largest party post poll coalition) didn’t.That shows the dominance of valley in J &K’s politics.Infact BJP has achieved something unachievable that one couldn’t have even thought,had it not been a Modicentric,’Shah’tagic aggressive campaign in J & K .BJP has gained  23% overall vote share that is equivalent to PDP’s overall vote share.Though it’s dissected, BJP’s vote share in valley is only 2.3% which is comparatively mimimal.BJP also incurred ‘heavy’ loss as its all 25 candidates in valley lost & it didn’t open account in even Leh Ladakh where actually they were expecting all four seats to accomplish “Mission-44”.

Anyways the graound reality in J &K is totally different now.PDP is ready to capture the power.Interestingly spent forces like congress & national Conference(unashamedly) offering their support to keep away “communal forces”out of power,it’s an old game in valley & unfortunately for these parties it’s an outdated political option now.Interestingly that is the part of actual game plan.If PDP accepts these offers Jammu region will lose it’s much deserved,much awaited   power share in J & k assembly & injustice towards Jammu will continue for six years more.

Since BJP has jumped it’s tally from 11 to 25 seats by sweeping in Jammu region,it becomes it’s political duty to take care of regional interests.From the establishment of J & K ,the state has been governed by valley oriented leaders(barring a few cases) now its payback time for BJP to Jammu region being another single largest(post poll) coalition & they should not waste this opportunity.

If PDP +BJP formulae succeds(28+25) Jammu & Kashmir state will see a new sunrise.Though both the parties have serious ideological differences  on the part of section 370,separatism,AFSPA etc. a common minimum programme will be a win win situation for both the parties.Through this both can keep check & balance over each other’s “uncommon” agendas.Power sharing formulae can be finalized according to suitability of both the parties.

Now it’s high time for BJP to play the same old game (always) played by congress & NC in J & K to keep them away from power,which ultimately make them irrelevant sooner or later in J & K politics.BJP will be able to strengthen it’s position in other parts of valley & Leh Ladakh in future,if they handle the coalition carefully.This coalition will pass a serious message across border also.Pakistan & it’s separatist agenda may get curbed in this new situation.New vistas of development & employment will open for J &K’s youth.So, it’s time for Amitbhai to sing ‘Mehbooba…Mehbooba…” & offer her 25 “lotuses”.By the way lotus is a state symbol of Jammu & Kashmir.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mein, Narendra Damodardas Modi…….(Part-2)

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So, today it is the last & most awaited phase of general elections-2014.Shriman Modi & other few distinguished ‘Netaz’ future is sealed in EVMs today.In my last post I predicted comfortable victory for BJP+(NDA).Now here are the reasons why Shriman Modi will take oath as a prime minister of this great nation in a few days.

*Anti Incumbancy Factor: 10 years of UPA Raaj was a disastrous experience for ‘mango people’.(in some cases even for congress loyalists too) In it’s first tenure UPA raised hopes in common man’s heart but in second part(2009-2014) it failed to fulfill the promises.All sorts of ‘certified scams(certified by CAG) also marred it’s image and killed all the possibilities of returning to power.Well, in all cases long term power doesn’t mean anti incumbency,say for example in recently concluded five assembly elections congress lost it’s both states i.e. Delhi & Rajasthan while BJP retained Madhyapradesh & Chhattisgarh & also captured Rajasthan from congress.

So what went wrong with congress? It’s inability to stop price rise,high inflation,rampant corruption & all sort of economic drudgery that a common man feels.Most importantly it failed to control it’s state units intact.the infight within state units was on it’s peak & they never united to deafeat bjp & we know the results.On the other hand under Narendrabhai’s leadership bjp heat the bull’s eye,opened all the follies of upa government   & encashed the anti establishment mood.

*Attracting Youth & Women Voters: Interestingly in this elections where there are 52% voters are youth who have aspirations regarding their employment,education etc.Though upa tried hard to implement some of it’s youth & employment oriented flagship programmes it couldn’t took off due to in efficiency on the government’s part.Out of this young voters around 22% voters are first timers who have seen the negative sides of UPA & positive branding of Narendra Modi on various platform.His ‘Gujarat model of governence’ & it’s propagation has increased their curiosity.especially women voters across the nation, home makers are fed up with issues like price rise, inflation which directly heat their budget.So, these voters are in ‘revenge’ mode now.

*Well planned strategy & prepoll alliance:In India only rabble rousing can’t bear the fruits of need to choose right partners for victory.This time BJP choose near about 25 regional political parties & strengthen it’s weak base in certain eastern & southern states.’The Grand Alliance’ in south & ‘Mahayuti’ in Maharashtra will do miracles since BJP has chosen right partners in respective states.These 25 party pre poll alliance has again removed political  stigma for Narendrabhai.Infact this partners may be usefull for BJP’s post poll alliance,if it is required at all.But a word of caution,this pre poll alliance will definitely need good co-ordination & a common mimimum programme as all regional partie will definitely eye on their pound of flash & regional interests.

*Higher Voting Turnout: Well ,this  may be the matter of tv studio debate whether a higher voting turnout is a vote for change or not? But as per my assessment the way voting turnout is breaking it’s all records nationwide it is an indication of change.People,especially youth,,women,farmers have voted as if they have decided to throw present government at any cost and the alternative? Well, you know the answer.In general it is not necessary that higher turnout should indicate change but after 1984(Indiraji’s death)this is the only election where voters are voting decisively for a stable government.

*Stability Plank: This is the most important aspect of this elections. People of this nation have watche all sorts of thuggish coalition governments, full of economic scams & non decisiveness on all important issues.Now after these experiments  voters have probably decided to vote for decisive, stable government haeded by a person who is not a spineless politician & who can fulfill his promises.BJP has tried hard to propagate thei stability plank at fullest.

*Strong Branding Of NAMO: as the Gujarat assembly elections were over & NAMO took charge for third term the foundation stone of his ‘road to Delhi’ was laid.Narendra Modi’s smart media managers have already started polishing his image nationwide(and internationally too).His decisiveness,good governance & hard core development oriented decisions were carefully publicized across nation.It created a very positive image amongst Indian citizens of all ages.The smart use of media made his name popular in every household.

*Aggressive Communication Strategy:In 21st century nothing is impossible for if you have enough money & tremendous will power.BJP managed to give smart makeover to NAMO’s image(post 2002) by using same media which lambasted him for years.In a country where almost every house(& juggi jhopdi too) has tv connections & mobile phones it is wasy to reach people’s heart.Some of the best brains of communication industry made this impossible & comparatively difficult task possible by using popular social networking platforms & it’s craze amongst youth.

*Minority Appeasement By Congress: In fact Congress has helped NAMO in many ways  but minority appeasement will prove costly to congress this time because narendra Modi & his team carefully toned down congress’s minority appeasement policies during  this obviously polarized ‘the hindu’ votes in BJP’s favour.Congress wanted to take advantage of NAMO’s post 2002 anti minority image & for that they did scathing attack on him too but Ahmedabad’s metropolitan court’s judgement has turned the tabl,ultimately this strategy has proved wrong & it will rebound as it has polarized votes significantly against congress.

*”Sangh” Shakti Kalauyugey’: Full & finally the ‘Parivaar’ has backed it’s ‘vadnagar boy’ whole heartedly.RSS’s determination to vote against the present government  has proved the last nail in the UPA’s coffin.The higher turnout also indicates the aggressive & pro BJP voting by swayamsevaks nationewide.Interestingly these votes are targeted to benefit BJP candiadates irrespective of cast & creed’s political equations.

Well, these are some of the indiacators of NDA’s returning  to power with a fresh blood.I will share state wise seat projection for NDA in part 3 soon, till than aavjo…